Falling Knife

A falling knife refers to the price dive of an asset and denotes a downward momentum of the financial market.

Falling Wedge

Falling wedges, also known as descending wedges, have a distinct downward slope and a bullish bias in comparison to symmetrical triangles, which have no discernible slope and no bias.

Fan Token

A fan token is a cryptocurrency issued by a specific sports team and allows its holders to participate in the governing activities and attain exclusive rewards & discounts.

FATF Travel Rule

The FATF Travel Rule requires virtual asset service providers to regulate information sharing for certain large transactions.


A cryptocurrency reward system usually on a website or app, that rewards users for completing certain tasks.

Fee Tiers

Fee tiers refer to the fee structure that determines the amount charged when investors deposit or withdraw money and execute trades on a crypto exchange.


Fiat currency is “legal tender” backed by a central government, such as the Federal Reserve, and with its own banking system, such as fractional reserve banking. It can take the form of physical cash, or it can be represented electronically, such as with bank credit.

Fiat On-Ramp

A fiat-on ramp is a way to get cryptocurrency from fiat, or regular money.

Fiat-Pegged Cryptocurrency

A coin, token or asset issued on a blockchain that is linked to a government or bank-issued currency.

Fibonacci Retracement Level

The Fibonacci retracement method uses a set of key numbers called Fibonacci ratios to identify the support and resistance levels of an asset/stock/cryptocurrency.


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