About Kairos

Kairos is developing a blockchain education platform to support stakeholders in the music industry who are interested in using blockchain-based solutions to reclaim autonomy of their released media. To ease the blockchain learning curve, we strive to help artists master blockchain technology through specially curated resources and content made for stakeholders in the music industry.

Kairos was founded by indie musicians, artists, creatives, and blockchain enthusiasts. Our team shares a passion for the music industry and blockchain technology and we support artists in their fight for music ownership, transparency, and fair pay practices.

Made in Massachusetts and New York with love ♥

Our Mission

To lower the barriers to entry in the blockchain industry.

Our Story

Founded in February 2021, Kairos MGMT was originally a “full-service NFT management Agency made for the Music Industry” that guided artists who wanted to break into blockchain. Our startup is named after Caerus from Greek Myth, the personification of being at the right time and place, because of how quickly we grew.

After several discussions with independent artists and music management companies, we realized that there was a lack of blockchain education and accessibility to blockchain technology in the music industry—we felt keeping our material behind a paywall would exacerbate the inaccessibility of blockchain adoption. While we enjoyed growing with our artists and their teams, pivoting our focus from personalized guidance to fostering an educational community felt more aligned with our mission to lower the barrier to entry in the blockchain industry.


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